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The right long-term care planning protects more than your retirement savings�it protects your family


Is an independent broker that consults specifically about long-term care planning with more than 25 years of experience. We represent the major carriers and offer traditional long-term care insurance plans as well as life insurance with long-term care and chronic illness riders, Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap) and prescription drug plans

We work with individuals, couples, businesses, banks, P&C agencies, associations, school districts and municipalities. Our mission is to educate our clients about the importance of long-term care planning in order to avoid the financial and emotional consequences of a long-term care illness.

We provide objective, unbiased information so that our clients purchase the most comprehensive, affordable coverage.

"The knowledge and education you provide to community members interested in planning for their future is truly appreciated.  At each of your seminars that I've personally attended, I always go away with a fact or education piece that proves invaluable." CS, Cortland, NY                      a2