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What if you are uninsurable?

Long Term Care Insurance underwriting can be stringent at times. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, have certain heart conditions or a condition with no known diagnosis, you may not be able to obtain coverage.

But don’t despair. There are other strategies to help you protect your family and assets from the consequences of a long-term care illness.

Life Insurance or Life Insurance with a Chronic Illness Rider

Underwriting for life insurance is different from underwriting for LTCI. Life insurance use mortality tables while LTCI uses morbidity statistics.

Life insurance can be used to replenish any funds, tax-free to your heirs that you spent during a long-term care illness. In other words, while you are ill, you would use your assets to pay for your care, but upon your death, those assets would be replaced by your life insurance policy’s death benefit.

See LTC Planning Alternatives to learn more about life insurance with a chronic illness rider

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