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Take care of mom and dad like they took care of you

Elder Care Planning

Does this sound familiar:

  • I cared for my father for 7 years and traveled back and forth to care for my mother because she lived out-of-town. Both of them ran out of money and needed to go on Medicaid. I had to take many hours off from work to take them to doctor appointments and coordinate their care.
  •  I needed to place my mother in an assisted living facility and didn’t know where to turn.
  •  My dad has Alzheimer’s. I don’t understand what’s happening to him and where to get help.

According to an AARP study, “Caregiving in the US”, conducted in 2015, an estimated 43.5 million adults in the United States have provided unpaid care to an adult or a child in the 12 months preceding the report. The estimated prevalence of caring for an adult is 16.6%, or 39.8 million Americans. Approximately 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the prior 12 months preceding the report. The majority of caregivers are female (60%), but 40 percent are male. Eight in 10 are taking care of one person (82%). They are 49 years of age, on average. A large majority of caregivers provide care for a relative (85%), with 49 percent caring for a parent or parent-in-law. One in 10 provides care for a spouse. Nearly 1 in 10 caregivers is 75 years of age or older (7%).

Taking care of a family member dealing with a LTC illness can be very stressful. Often times financial resources are being depleted and physical and emotional burn-outs occur. The paperwork and phone calls alone can be overwhelming.

Our Elder Care Planning division is an independent consulting practice that will act as your family’s advisor and confidante, offering objective advice. We are committed to ensuring that each client’s needs are being met in order to preserve their health, safety, social and emotional well-being while considering the family’s needs at all times.


  •  Adult children and spouses turn to us for support and advocacy.
  •  Professionals, such as attorneys , doctors and financial advisors, turn to us for recommendations for their clients’ needs
  •  Individuals stricken with a LTC illness turn to us when they want quality of life and need someone to manage their care.
  •  Business owners enlist our services to educate their employees about preparing for LTC.


  •  On-going care consultations
  •  In-home assessments
  •  Coordination of services
  •  Monitoring of care plan
  •  Insurance, financial and legal information and referrals, LTC insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
  •  Placement options and referrals
  •  Assistance with long-distance caregiving
  •  Mediates family meetings

Elder Care planning partners with nurses, social workers and geriatric case managers so that every client has a team of professionals working for them and their families.


"Thank you for helping me help my father, who has Alzheimer's. It means a lot that I can call you and get your advice.
You're a very special lady!"  HG, Syracuse, NY